LA MERCED / LA MERCÈ ( SEPTEMBER 2017 )- September 25th

Today we celebrate a very important day in Barcelona, the day of La Merced or La Mercè. She is the patroness of Barcelona and there are many activities taking place on this very important day.


On August 1218 the Virgin appeared to the knight Pere Nolasc and she asked him to form a sacred order of monks in her name. Following this request Pere founded the order of la Merced in order to save the Christians who had been taken as prisoners by saracen pirates. The order was support from the King Jaume /Jaime I of Aragón.




There are many concerts taking place during this day in Barcelona :


  • Plaça dels Angels / Plaza de los Ángeles ( El Raval Aerea )
  • Plaça de joan Coromines /Plaza de Joan Coromines ( Next to the Museum C.C.C. B)
  • Antigua Fábrica Damm / The old Damm Factory ( Rosellón/roselló 515 – Expansion )
  • Moll de la Fusta ( Barceloneta /Old Harbour )


Date: Monday 25th September 2017
Activity: – Falcons human towers display and parade
Time: 11.30
Where: Start at the Pl Nova by Av. de la Catedralthen Bisbe street to finish at Plaza Sant Jaume / San JaimeWhat is it? Falcons human towers display and parade. Falcon human Tower building display by Colla Falcons from Barcelona . This is another kind of human tower building called the ‘Falcon’ discipline named after a Czech tradition A Falcon structures were popular in Catalonia at the beginning of the 20th century, but then this kind of structure fell out of favour. In Barcelona a young group called the Barcelona Falcons revived this tradition of falcon human towers and performed first at the Saint Eulalia festivities in 2003.


Date: Monday 25th September 2017
Activity: Mercè or Merced 2017: Piromusical – Music, fireworks and Magic Fountain light and water display
Time: 10pm – 22:00
Admission: Free
Location: Avinguda or Avenida Maria Cristina by Magic FountainÂ
Nearest metro station: Espanya L1
What is it? The Piromusical de la Mered is the grand finale of the Merce Festival and takes place at the Magic Fountain at the foot of Montjuic hill near Plaza Espanya with the Palau Nacional in the background. The Merce Piromusical is a fantastic music, water, fireworks and laser light display centred around the Magic Fountain at Montjuic hill with music and light themes change from year to year. In 2016 the music will include a homage to David Bowie and Prince. Spectators fill the entire length of the Maria Cristina avenue starting at the twin Venetian towers, so we recommend that you get there around 21.00 / 9pm to get a good standing place. There is no seating. This is a charming and fun event for all ages and truly a treasured tradition and highlight of the Merce festival. You can see this event live on Catalan TV channel TV3.

Merced Museum Open day :