This year las ” Fiestas de Gracia” have decided to conmemorate one of the most important european writers without any doubt that would be Jules Verne (1828-1905 ). He wrote books such as ” Arround the World in 80 days” or ” Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” , that allowed us to travel arround the world or discover the famouse Captain Nemo .

In Barcelona every year we celebrate the Fiesta Mayor de Gracia, that it is a cultural party where the residents decorate the streets. During this weeks there are many activities for children, for adults , for couples and singles just as children water balloon fights or water games, afternoon snacks, parcheesi tournament, or concerts.The main goal of this festival it is to promote good relations among the neighbours . Most probably the origin of the festivity it started on 1827 when Gracia was a village, far away from Barcelona. At that time las Fiestas where most probably religiouse linked with the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary of August 15th. Later on at the end of the the XIX century the neighbors created associations and the party became a secular, non religiouse one organizing them many activities just as decorating the streets or preparing tables for gambling and afternoon snacks. Nowadays Las Fiestas de Gracia are one of the most important activities that take place in Barcelona.


Activities :


  • Sardanas ( Traditional Dance ) 19 Hours //18/8/2016 – Berga Street
  • Wine Tasting 20 Hours //18/8/2016 – Berga Street
  • Swing 22.30Hours//18/8/2016- Swing Square
  • Chocolate with rumba and Son 18.00 Hours//19/8/2016-Poble Romaní Square
  • Gospel 19 .00Hours//19/8/2016 – Sant Miquel Square