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If there is an exposition that it is really worth visiting in Barcelona it is without any doubt the ” Impressionists and Moderns” ( Phillips colections ). The Caixaforum it is a wonderful building located in Montjuic ( Jewish Mountain ) in Barcelona. The building itself was build by the Art Noveau architect Puig i Cadafalch in Barcelona ( 1909-1912 ) as a textile factory for Mr. Casaramona . The public bank La Caixa bought the building in the year 2002 , has updated it and nowadays it is without any doubt a must in Barcelona. The exhibition that we would like to recomend it is an amazing colection that shows us the art during the last 150 years owned by Mr. Phillips ( 1886 – 1966 / Washington ) a very important american businessman philanthropic and fond of the new art who bought amazing paintings from artists such as Picasso, Bracque, Kandinsky, Pollock or Rotko. One of the nicest painting at the exhibit it is without any doubt ” The blue room ” from picasso. It is a painting from the blue periode, 1901, that shows us a model taking a bath copying the celebrated ” Le tub ” from Degas. Le Tub was part of a collection that Degas presented at the 8th Impressionist Exhibit in 1886 , where he represented models taking a bath.   Degas ( Musée d’Orsay – París ), Picasso ( Phillips Colection )     In both painting we do have a model taking a bath showing us a private moment , a moment of intimacy in her room with a bath or a Tub. When Degas painted ” Le Tub ” in 1886 he was inspired by the famouse sculpture ” Venus squatting” done by the artist Doidalsas from Britannia ( C. IIbC).                        ...

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CALENDAR : MARCH 2016 – Eastern, Chocolate Eggs, Magical Fountains….

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There are many activities taking place during the Month of March 2016 :   Magical Fountains. : This are the wonderful Fountains build in 1929 for the World Fare that took place in Barcelona ( Plaza España ) During the month of February the Magical fountains of Montjuic were not working , but now in March 2016 they are working again. Friday and Saturdays from 19 to 22.30 hours.         Photography: (1) Mapfre Foundation presents an amazing exhibit from Hiroshi Sugimoto. He is considered one of the best photographer from the last decades and museums such as Metropolitan Museum of Art , New York Museum of Modern Art or the Smithsonian have shown his amazing work . Location : Diputación 250 ( Metro Stop – Paseo de Gracia). A must in Barcelona. Perez de Rozas , it is one of our best photographers from the 1940s. (2 ) Archivo Fotográfico de Barcelona : ” Perez de Rozas ” . This exhibit shows us one of the most important periods in our History , that would be the 1940 – 1950s in Barcelona,the period just after the Spanish Civil War. Location : Pl. Pons i Clerch. Location – El Born.   Opera : ” Götterdämmerung ” from Wagner. Barcelona Opera House ( Liceo). Location- Ramblas ( Metro – Liceo) ” Carmen from Bizet” – Catalan Music Palace ( El Born – Barcelona ).   Eastern : We are almost in Easter time in Barcelona. Eastern it is a very important week in Barcelona and today in most of the churches they will celebrate the Sunday Easter with the benediction of the palms . Families with children, senior and people from all ages buy the palm and in the churches they will benedict them. This morning at 12 am they will have a wonderful mass inside the Holly Family ( It is mandatory an invitation to participate in the mass ) and they will have a massive mass. During this week the bakeries are working 24 hours in order to prepare and afterwards sell the famous chocolate Eastern egg. Fantasy it is very important for the bakeries and if you are in Barcelona you will see magnificent cakes with great forms and shapes inspired in the soccer sport (F.C. Barcelona Stadium and soccer players like Messi, Xavi or others ) or in cartoons and movies. The origin of the chocolate eggs comes from the first civilizations like Egypt , Greece or China where the egg was the symbol of life and the fertility . The romans continue this tradition giving eggs to their friends and family members as a symbol of joy . Many times this eggs were made out of marble , stone , glass or wood. Afterwards in the Christianity buying eggs during Easter became very important as the symbol of Jesus death. Where can you buy a Chocolate Egg in Barcelona ? Escribà : Rambla de Les Flors number 83        ...

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We are very pleased to announce that we have won the Barcelonasandratours Luxury Travel Award 2016 . This has been a very important award for us as it shows the quality, the effort that we daily do in order to offer not just wonderful tours but also a Blog in order to provide as much information as possible from our wonderful town of Barcelona , exhibitions that takes place in the city and also the Blog.  ...

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Sotheby sold yesterday the amazing ” Tete de Femme ” for 25 Million Dolars. The painting represents Marie Therese Walter, one of Picasso ´s most famous lovers, that was his muse during the 1930s. Picasso meet her in Paris (January 8th 1927), when she was just 17 years old and felt in love suddenly with her. She was so beautiful with her blond hair and blue eyes. At that time he was married with Olga Khokhlova, but he was very unhappy in his marriage. When he met Marie Therese he told her that he was Picasso and added that both of them would do a lot of amazing things together. She did not know who was Picasso, but very soon he discover that he was a charming man, one of the best paintors in Paris with an amazing sense of humour and a mediterranean macho .That was the begining of a romantic story between Picasso and Marie Therese and along the 1930s he did wonderful portraits of Marie Therese and their daughter Maya ( born in 1935 ) . During that period he used a color palette full with blues , yellows and greens that reflects that for Picasso she was the sun rays. He tried to divorce Olga in order to marry Marie Therese but unfortunately the Spanish civil war started, and he could not get divorced.  ...

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FEBRUARY 2016 : MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS IN BARCELONA . Welcome to Barcelona and to Barcelonasandratours

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One of the most important events in Barcelona during this month of February it is without any doubt the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona ( 22-25 February 2016 ) . In case you would be interested in visiting the city it will be a pleasure to show you Barcelona with wonderful places such as Sagrada Familia, Güell Park and many others. The events take place at two different Venues ; Plaza España in Barcelona but also at the Fira Gran Via located in the village called Hospitalet de Llobregat ( Street Av. Joan Carles I, 64 ). If your hotel it is in Barcelona there are many ways to reach both places , but we would recomend without any doubt to take Barcelona ´s Subway Sistem . Barcelona has an amazing subway sistem with many different lines, but it is very easy to take it and in this case we would recomend you to use it . According the Mobile World Congress webside you have access to free transportation : ” Upon collecting your badge , MWC attendees will be given a transport pass providing free, unlimited Metro and FGC rides during event days. The free pass even covers the supplemental fare to the Barcelona Airport. One Free Public Transport Pass is provided per attendee. In the event of loss or damage, replacements will not be provided. Remember: the Free Transport Pass is valid during event days only, so if you’re using public transport over the weekend, you’ll need to purchase tickets for those days.” Plaza España has a stop from two different lines : Green Line and Red Line. You can take both lines for instance from Plaza Cataluña ( City Center ) that takes you in just 10 – 15minuts to Plaza España.       The line that will take you directly to Fira Gran Via Hospitalet will be the following Subway Line ( Stop Europa Fira) :   According the Mobile World Congress webside would be Shuttle Buses between both Venues that will be located at the North Entrance of Fira Gran Via, and the shuttle stop at Fira Montjuïc is on Reina Maria de Cristina, located outside of Hall M8.   Restaurants : – Bodega La Monumental. It is a very nice Tapas Restaurant located not far away from Plaza España. Street C/ Creu Coberta 87, Barcelona. Phone : 00 34 934 32 41 16 . – Bullfight Ring La Monumental. In the old days was a bullfightring but nowadays as the bullfights are forbbiden in Barcelona it is a big mall. In the basement there are many restaurants, where you can enjoy mexican, mediterranean, pasta and many other dishes. Plaza España – Restaurant Cañota. The tapas are just amazing and it is located at the street Lleida number 7 ( Montjuic ). In order to book it please contact the following phone number : 00 34 93 325 9171         ¡¡ Welcome to Barcelona Mobile World Congress ¡¡  ...

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February 2015 : There are many activities that will take place during this month of February 2016 but in this case one of the most important ones would be the Crime Books Week ( Barcelona Negra ) . One of them it is without any doubt the Crime Fictions Book week in Barcelona. Barcelona during the last years has become a very important city where the most celebrated crime fictions writers use to participate in the Barcelona Thrillers Week ( January 28th – February 6th ). In the year 2012 Michael Connelly ( Philadelphia 1956 ) won the 6th RBA price with ” The black box” , an amazing book where the detective Harry Bosch tries to find the murder or serial killer of some of the participants of the riots that took place in the year 1992. This year the celebrated writer Donna Leon ( New Jersey September 1942 ) has won the Carvalho Price and will be in Barcelona ( February 4th 2016 ) in order to receive the price. Her detective it is called Detective Brunetti and he lives in the wonderful city of Venice ( Italy ). Other writers that will be in Barcelona during the week will be the french Pierre Lemaitre, Bernard Minier, Michel Bussi and from Sweeden Mari Jundstedt. Most of the events will take place at the Conservatori del Liceu (c/ Nou de la Rambla, 8 ) , but also in other locations just as MNAC, Jaume Fuster public library, Foundation RBA and many others.  ...

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Christmas it is coming and very soon we will enjoy this very important part of the year . We do have different markets where you can buy the Christmas manger or the Christmas manger. If you come to Barcelona during this month you will enjoy the city . The temperature it is very nice, very mild, normally around 50 to 60 º Fahrenheit /10ºC. and there are many activities taking place in Barcelona.     Festivities : DECEMBER 25th . . It is the most important day of the Christmas period. We celebrate Christmas with the family. During the lunch the families at the table the families eat the famouse Sopa de Galets or Consomme with Pasta soup, fish , meat such as Spanish ham, suckling lamb , roasted piglet , etc. and for dessert the famouse Turrón or Nougat with sparkling wine or Cava . During this day the shops remain close and most of the museums except the Sagrada Familia, Cathedral, Güell Park that are open normally just in the morning. DECEMBER 26th. During that day we continue celebrating Christmas with the family. Enjoying another family lunch. In that day the families normally eat cannelloni . The shops during that day most of them remain close and some of the museums such as the Sagrada Familia, Cathedral, Güell Park that are open normally just in the morning. It is very nice to see at night the Magical Fountain show located in Plaza España ( Shows from 19 to 21 Hours )         CHRISTMAS AT NIGHT : It is very nice to watch at night the Magical Fountain show located in Plaza España ( Shows from 19 to 21 Hours ). Every Saturday and Sunday , but also this following days : 25 and 26th of December : From 19 to 21 Hours ( From 7 to 9 pm ) 1 st and 5th of January : From 19 to 21 Hours     Christmas Markets in Barcelona :   The Christmas Market Located in Avenida Gaudí or Cerdeña Street (next to the Sagrada Familia or Holly Familly ). It has become a very popular Christmas Market in Barcelona as it is located in the popular neighborhood of Sagrada Familia. Opens from November 28th to December 23rd, Monday to Friday from 10 to 21 Hours.In this magnificent market you can purchase Figurines for the Christmas market , Christmas decoration and enjoy a wonderful creppe or churros.   The Christmas Market of Saint Lucia, located next to Barcelona ´s Cathedral in the Gothic Quarter. Opens from November 27th to December 23rd , Monday to Friday from 10,30 to 20,30 and on weekends from 10,30 to 21,30 Hours . Here you can purchase Christmas Decoration, Sweets and also figurines for the Christmas manger.         CHRISTMAS CONCERTS :   There are concerts taking place on that day in Barcelona just like the Johann Strauss Concert ( Palau de la Música catalana – Catalan Music Palace ) or the Missisipi Gospel Choir ( Palau de la Música catalana – Catalan Music Palace ),     From this page we would like to wish all of you , especially our French brothers a wonderful 2016 .  ...

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The month of November it is coming to Barcelona with many activities that will take place in Barcelona. It is the time to eat Panellets and also chesnuts.   November 1st . It is a very important day for us. It is all Saints day. On that day we visit our friends and family members that unfortunately passed away. We bring them flowers and we are full of joy in order to visit them. On that very important day we eat Panellets as a dessert . This are small cakes in different shapes, mostly round, made mainly of marzipan (a paste made of almonds and sugar).   Picasso Museum. There are two wonderful exhibitions taking place in November . The first one would be Picasso and the Reventós ( until January 10th ) and the second one would be Picasso and the Greco ( until January 17th ) .   Magical Fountains of Montjuic. The performance just take place on Fridays and Saturdays from 19 to 21 pm. Concerts : =========== – Madonnas Concerts on November 24th and 25th . Saint George Pavillion ( Montjuic Hill ) 24 de noviembre: 20:00h 25 de noviembre: 20:30h   Exhibitions : Right now there are many wonderful exhibitions taking place in Barcelona such as :   – CAIXAFORUM ( MONTJUIC ). We have two wondeful Exhibits taking place Charles Le Brun and Versailles , and the other one would be the Animals and the Pharaohs.   – PICASSO MUSEUM. Picasso and the Raventós. An amazing friendships between Picasso and the Raventós Family. An exhibit that it would be very interesting , for those who read Spanish as there are many letters and documents that are really worth reading it and that shows us Picasso personality.  ...

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September it is coming and there are many activities that will take place in Barcelona during this month. The most important activity would be without any doubt to celebrate las FIESTAS DE LA MERCE o MERCED , Barcelona Patroness with many concerts, fireworks and many activities for children.   Fiestas de la Merced : September 18th to 24th. There will be different places where the activities will take place. – Ciutadella or ciudadela Park and Montjuic Hill will hold most of the concerts that will take place during those days in Barcelona. – Avenida Maria Cristina. Fireworks on September 24th. This year some of the bands that would participated would be METZ and rock underground, pop folk from Vetiver, postpuntk from Australia de Blank Real, , electronic pop- folk from Jane Weaver or Soul from Saun and Star.       Other activities :   – Catalan Music Palace. It is an astonish building build by the architect Domenech i Muntaner following the Art Noveau Architecture. There are many concerts taking place during the month of September : + Carmen, carmen, carmen…. September 4th ( Flamenco ) + Arte Flamenco ……………….. September 6th ( Flamenco ) + Gran Gala Flamenco ………… September 22,24 and 30th   – Maná Concert : Saint George Pavillion. September 6th 2015. You can purchase the tickets in the following places ; Red Ticketmaster (, Fnac, Carrefour, ,, El Corte Inglés and other places. Museums : If there is an exhibit that it is mandatory in Barcelona, that would be ” Scaping from the Holocaust ” ( Huyendo del Holocausto) that it is taking place in the Catalan History Museum ( Barceloneta ; Plaza de Pau Vila ) . Francesc boix ( 1920- 1951 ) , son of a couturier and borned in Barcelona ,when he was very soon join the Communist party and he participated in the meetings that took place in Barcelona....

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This week it is a very important week for Barcelona. We celebrate the famouse Fiesta Mayor de Gracia, that it is a cultural party where the residents decorate the streets. During this weeks there are many activities for children, for adults , for couples and singles just as children water balloon fights or water games, afternoon snacks, parcheesi tournament, concerts.The main goal of this festival it is to promote good relations among the neighbours . Most probably the origin of the festivity it started on 1827 when Gracia was a village, far away from Barcelona. At that time las Fiestas where most probably religiouse linked with the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary of August 15th. Later on at the end of the the XIX century the neighbors created associations and the party became a secular, non religiouse one organizing them many activities just as decorating the streets or preparing tables for gambling and afternoon snacks. Nowadays Las Fiestas de Gracia are one of the most important activities that take place in Barcelona. This are some of the streets decorated this year : (1)  ...

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