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CASA VICENS ( BARCELONA – Architect Antoni Gaudí and Cornet). Those who love the architecture from Gaudí they have now the possiblity of visiting one of the most important Gaudí buildings in Barcelona : Casa Vicens ( Vicens House ). Mr. Vicens was a very important businessman who contracted Gaudí in order to build his house between 1883 and 1885. The house includes elements that Gaudí introduce in the house just as his wellknown iron work gates, his amazing tile work or the importance that he gave to Nature through the garden.   If you have already visited Barcelona and you want to see a magnificent House build by Gaudí you can not miss Casa Vicens.     Note : Picture :   Prices : Rates: General 16 Euros Senior (+65) 14 Euros Students under 25 14 Euros Children 7 to 18 14 Euros Children under 7 Free People with disabilities * (no charge for companion) *14 Euros Hours: Open everyday. Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm (doors close at 7:20 pm). Closed: 25 December, 1 and 6 January. Special days: 22 May, Santa Rita. Free days/Open doors days: European Night of Museums and International Museum Day.  ...

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After the sommer time now it starts a very vibrant Autumm with many activities taking place in Barcelona.   Concerts :   Rolling Stones. If you want to Rock come to the concert. september 27th at 21.30 Hours . Place ; Olympic Stadium – Montjuic Hill Orishas + Dj Joda. The cuban group Orishas invites you to cuban Hip – Hop. September 30th at 18.30 Hours. Place: razzmatazz. Street Almogavars/Almogárabes number 122. Metro – Marina.     Markets : Slow Food Market. All those who love food have a very important event taking place in Barcelona : The Slow Food Market. There you will have the possiblity of buying and enjoying fresh and good food. Time : 10 .00 am – Meeting Point – Jardín de las 3 Xemeneies – 3 Chimeneas. Avinguda/avenida Paralel o Paralelo number 49. Metro Paralelo ( Purple or Green Line ).   Art : Barcelona Galery Weekend. 24 exhibits that will allow you to discover new artists and be able to enjoy Contemporany Art. Meeting Point : Barcelona Ciutat / Ciudad. Rambla del Raval with Hospital. Metro – Liceo/liceu. Green Line. Dates : September 28th to October 1st.            ...

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LA MERCED / LA MERCÈ ( SEPTEMBER 2017 )- September 25th

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Today we celebrate a very important day in Barcelona, the day of La Merced or La Mercè. She is the patroness of Barcelona and there are many activities taking place on this very important day.   On August 1218 the Virgin appeared to the knight Pere Nolasc and she asked him to form a sacred order of monks in her name. Following this request Pere founded the order of la Merced in order to save the Christians who had been taken as prisoners by saracen pirates. The order was support from the King Jaume /Jaime I of Aragón.       There are many concerts taking place during this day in Barcelona :   Plaça dels Angels / Plaza de los Ángeles ( El Raval Aerea ) Plaça de joan Coromines /Plaza de Joan Coromines ( Next to the Museum C.C.C. B) Antigua Fábrica Damm / The old Damm Factory ( Rosellón/roselló 515 – Expansion ) Moll de la Fusta ( Barceloneta /Old Harbour )   Date: Monday 25th September 2017 Activity: – Falcons human towers display and parade Time: 11.30 Where: Start at the Pl Nova by Av. de la Catedralthen Bisbe street to finish at Plaza Sant Jaume / San JaimeWhat is it? Falcons human towers display and parade. Falcon human Tower building display by Colla Falcons from Barcelona . This is another kind of human tower building called the ‘Falcon’ discipline named after a Czech tradition A Falcon structures were popular in Catalonia at the beginning of the 20th century, but then this kind of structure fell out of favour. In Barcelona a young group called the Barcelona Falcons revived this tradition of falcon human towers and performed first at the Saint Eulalia festivities in 2003.   Date: Monday 25th September 2017 Activity: Mercè or Merced 2017: Piromusical – Music, fireworks and Magic Fountain light and water display Time: 10pm – 22:00 Admission: Free Location: Avinguda or Avenida Maria Cristina by Magic Fountain Nearest metro station: Espanya L1 What is it? The Piromusical de la Mered is the grand finale of the Merce Festival and takes place at the Magic Fountain at the foot of Montjuic hill near Plaza Espanya with the Palau Nacional in the background. The Merce Piromusical is a fantastic music, water, fireworks and laser light display centred around the Magic Fountain at Montjuic hill with music and light themes change from year to year. In 2016 the music will include a homage to David Bowie and Prince. Spectators fill the entire length of the Maria Cristina avenue starting at the twin Venetian towers, so we recommend that you get there around 21.00 / 9pm to get a good standing place. There is no seating. This is a charming and fun event for all ages and truly a treasured tradition and highlight of the Merce festival. You can see this event live on Catalan TV channel TV3. Merced Museum Open day :    ...

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¡¡¡ MERRY CHRISTMAS ¡¡ Feliz Navidad ¡¡ Frohe Weinachten ¡¡¡   Christmas it is coming and we have a lot of activities that you can do during this wonderful time of the year in Barcelona. Exhibits 2016:   Caixaforum. The Caixaforum located in Montjuic has a wonderful exhibit called ” The Thyssen never seen”, that will allow you to rediscover magnificent paintings done by artists such as Giotto, Canaletto, Cezanne, Picasso and many others.   Picasso Museum. The Picasso Museum has a temporary exhibit that will allow you to discover the amazing Cubism with paintings done not just by Picasso but also by Bracque, Gris and many other artists.   MAGICAL FOUNTAINS OF MONTJUIC. This fountains build in 1929 for the 2nd World Fare that took place in Barcelona it is a must on Christmas Time.   CHOREOGRAPHY SCHEDULE CHRISTMAS – DECEMBER 2016 (12/02/2016 to 12/24/2016) 2/3 & 16/17 December 09/10 & 23/24 December FRIDAY SATURDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY Note: The schedule may be subject to change without previous notice   Christmas Markets :   We do have different markets where you can buy the Christmas manger . If you come to Barcelona during this month you will enjoy the city . The temperature it is very nice, very mild, normally around 50 to 60 º Fahrenheit /10ºC. and there are many activities taking place in Barcelona. The two most important markets are located infront of the Cathedral ( Cathedral of Saint Eulalia ), but also next to the BAsilica Sagrada Familia. Caganer. IT is a very popular figure in the Catalan Cristmas nativies. It is the representation of a figurine doing his/her necesities. It seems that during the Barroque Days it was common to decorate some part of the homes with mosaics that showed this circumentances. Nowadays the politicians and also the kings and Queens are represented during his/her necesities.   Concerts. There are many concerts taking place in Barcelona during those days such as ” spanish Guitarr” at the Catalan Music Palace on December 28th, December 30th at 12 am, Opera and Flamenco from Rafael Amargo at Polirama Theater on December 29th at 19 Hours, Tablao Flamenco cordobés on Friday December 30th at 19.30 hours and many others.   Festivities : DECEMBER 25th . . It is the most important day of the Christmas period. We celebrate Christmas with the family. During the lunch the families at the table the families eat the famouse Sopa de Galets or Consomme with Pasta soup, fish , meat such as Spanish ham, suckling lamb , roasted piglet , etc. and for dessert the famouse Turrón or Nougat with sparkling wine or Cava .   DECEMBER 26th. During that day we continue celebrating Christmas with the family. Enjoying another family lunch. In that day the families normally eat cannelloni . The shops during that day most of them remain close and some of the museums such as the Sagrada Familia, Cathedral, Güell Park that are open normally just in the morning.   19:00 19:30 Christmas Carols I 2000’s Hits Christmas Carols II Children’s Music Christmas Carols I 2000’s Hits Christmas Carols II Children’s Music 19:30 20:00 Classical Music II Christmas Carols III Barcelona Current Hits Waltzes from Viena Spanish Classical Music Christmas Carols III Barcelona Current Hits Waltzes from Viena...

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THE CATHEDRAL OF THE SEA : Barcelona during the medieval days

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If there is a book that must be read before arriving to Barcelona it is without any doubt ” The Cathedral of the sea” written by Idelfonso Falconés. In this magnificent book he talks about the construction of one of the nicest churches in Barcelona ( Santa María del Mar ), a wonderful chuch located in the Born Aerea. The book explains the construction of this church during the medieval days , a time in which Barcelona was one of the most important cities in the Aragón Kingdom and allows us to discover what it was living during that time. During this week they are shooting a film based on this magnificent book. A must in Barcelona ¡¡¡¡      ...

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    This year las ” Fiestas de Gracia” have decided to conmemorate one of the most important european writers without any doubt that would be Jules Verne (1828-1905 ). He wrote books such as ” Arround the World in 80 days” or ” Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” , that allowed us to travel arround the world or discover the famouse Captain Nemo . In Barcelona every year we celebrate the Fiesta Mayor de Gracia, that it is a cultural party where the residents decorate the streets. During this weeks there are many activities for children, for adults , for couples and singles just as children water balloon fights or water games, afternoon snacks, parcheesi tournament, or concerts.The main goal of this festival it is to promote good relations among the neighbours . Most probably the origin of the festivity it started on 1827 when Gracia was a village, far away from Barcelona. At that time las Fiestas where most probably religiouse linked with the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary of August 15th. Later on at the end of the the XIX century the neighbors created associations and the party became a secular, non religiouse one organizing them many activities just as decorating the streets or preparing tables for gambling and afternoon snacks. Nowadays Las Fiestas de Gracia are one of the most important activities that take place in Barcelona.   Activities :   Sardanas ( Traditional Dance ) 19 Hours //18/8/2016 – Berga Street Wine Tasting 20 Hours //18/8/2016 – Berga Street Swing 22.30Hours//18/8/2016- Swing Square Chocolate with rumba and Son 18.00 Hours//19/8/2016-Poble Romaní Square Gospel 19 .00Hours//19/8/2016 – Sant Miquel Square  ...

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Vivian Maier : Gallery Colectania

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One of the best exhibitions that we have in Barcelona at this moment would be the exhibition taking place at Collectania: Vivian Maier and her works. The Gallery Collectania shows 80 of her works during her life. She born in New York in 1926 but very soon she moved with her family to Paris where she spend her childhood and went back again to the Us where she start working as a nanny for different families in New York and in Chicago. Her works shows her love to the children and also her interests in the human nature. It is without any doubt a must in Barcelona.   Colectania : Calle Julian Romea number 6. Opening Times : 11 to 14 pm and then from 16 to 20...

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The summer time it is arriving to Barcelona and one of the best places to enjoy the summer time at night would be the terraces of the hotels, where at the night you can enjoy your dinner and at the same time as you enjoy the wonderful views of Barcelona. Hotels that we recomend for the Sommer time :   + Hotel Condes de Barcelona : Hotel located at Paseo de Gracia number 73. You can enjoy this roof terrace from 12 noon to 02 am ( Quarter : Expansion )   + Hotel Mandarin Oriental. Hotel located at Paseo de Gracia number 38. You can enjoy this roof terrace after 18 pm.   + Hotel Clarís. Hotel located at Pau Clarís number 150. You can enjoy this roof terrace from 11 am to 02 am (Quarter: Expansion )   + Hotel 1898. Hotel located at the Ramblas number 109. You can enjoy this roof terrace from 11 am to 02 am (Quarter: Downtown – El Raval )   + Hotel Ohla. Hotel located at the Via Layetana number 49. You can enjoy this roof terrace from 18.30 to 01.30 am ( Quarter : Gothic Quarter )   + Hotel W Barcelona. Hotel located at the Square La Rosa dels vents ( Barceloneta ). You can enjoy this roof terrace from 19 to 02 am         Picture as a courtesy from Hotel Clarís    ...

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Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid will fight in order to win the Champions. We have without any doubt one of the most important football leagues in Europe and during the last years, one of our teams won the Champions. The F.C. Barcelona won the Champions in 2015 with players like Luis Suárez, Neymar or Ivan Rakitik   Real Madrid already won the Champions against the following Teams:   10 Champions Cups (Real Madrid ) : 1956 against Stade de Reims 1957 against Fiorentina 1958 against Milan 1959 against Stade de Reims 1960 against Eintracht Frankfurt 1966 against Partizan Belgrad 1998 against Juventus 2000 against Valencia 2002 against Bayer Leverkusen 2014 against Atlético Madrid   Atlético de Madrid will try to win the Champions for the first time in Milan (28/5/2016 ) .   ¡¡¡¡ Good luck Atlético and Real MAdrid ¡¡¡¡¡...

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In a day like today we have to remember Cervantes. He is the most important writer in spanish lenguage of all times. His book ” El Quijote ” has been considered without any doubt one of the most important book in the Literature and he died in a day like today in 1616 in Madrid .   We celebrate due this fact the books day all along the country and Barcelona as one of the most important cities and it is happy to celebrate Cervantes day .   “Somewhere in la Mancha, in a place whose name I do not care to remember, a gentleman lived not long ago, one of those who has a lance and ancient shield on a shelf and keeps a skinny nag and a greyhound for racing.” ” Vivía un lugar de la Mancha, de cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme, no ha mucho tiempo que vivía un hidalgo de los de lanza en astillero, adarga antigua, rocín flaco y galgo corredor. Una olla de algo más vaca que carnero, salpicón las más noches, duelos y quebrantos los sábados, lentejas los viernes, algún palomino de añadidura los domingos, consumían las tres partes de su hacienda. El resto della concluían sayo de velarte, calzas de velludo para las fiestas con sus pantuflos de lo mismo, los días de entre semana se honraba con su vellori de lo más fino. Tenía en su casa una ama que pasaba de los cuarenta, y una sobrina que no llegaba a los veinte, y un mozo de campo y plaza, que así ensillaba el rocín como tomaba la podadera. Frisaba la edad de nuestro hidalgo con los cincuenta años, era de complexión recia, seco de carnes, enjuto de rostro; gran madrugador y amigo de la caza. Quieren decir que tenía el sobrenombre de Quijada o Quesada (que en esto hay alguna diferencia en los autores que deste caso escriben), aunque por conjeturas verosímiles se deja entender que se llama Quijana; pero esto importa poco a nuestro cuento; basta que en la narración dél no se salga un punto de la verdad.”  ...

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